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Tenant Credit Check Service for the Landlord and Real Estate Agent

Before you lease to your tenant, let us check him or her out.

Renting out your house or apartment without performing a credit check could result in one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make. Trust us, we hear the horror stories regularly from clients who accepted applicants without taking any type of investigative steps, resulting in costly evictions, property damage and emotional stress. The irony is that our service is usually free to those who charge the tenant an application fee.

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Operate from your house? Not a problem. If you are unable to comply with the latest credit bureau guidelines, we have a solution for you - our standard account. This account enables you to order a credit decision report which provides a summary of your tenant's credit worthiness. The best part is that we are always available Monday-Friday to assist with your results. Click on get started to learn more.

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Standard eviction, criminal and credit decision reports are either faxed or emailed.

Professional accounts setup require faxed documents and inspection.

Professional eviction, criminal and credit reports are delivered online in seconds 24 hours a day.

Delivery Schedule

Monday-Friday 9am-7pm EST and Saturday 10pm-5pm EST are when orders are processed and delivered. After hours submissions are usually delivered by 11am EST the next business day. Telephone support for all customers is Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. Telephone support is not available on Saturday and Sunday. Canada credit decision reports are available by email or fax and delivered in one business hour for both accounts.

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